Dan Blum (tool_of_satan) wrote,
Dan Blum

Kemal Ataturk had an entire menagerie, all called Abdul

After we got one new cat we wanted another one so the first wouldn't get bored and start trading stocks on margin, or whatever it is cats do when they're alone and not sleeping. Tasha isn't much for playing with other cats.

So, we went a number of weeks ago to Nevins Farm, which is a large MSPCA shelter up in Methuen. They have a very nice setup for cats - large multi-level cages, and many of the younger cats were together in a big room with cat furniture, food, litter boxes, and toys.

We went into the colony room and a large orange tabby came and sat in Jacob's lap, then in mine. He seemed fairly certain we should take him, so we did. According to the shelter he was originally rescued from a hoarder. He had been adopted by another family but they brought him back, claiming he was fighting with their female cats. Given this the person we were speaking with was at first hesitant about letting us take him, but it turned out this other family had only had him for three days. Not to mention he had been in the colony room with mostly female cats and was just fine.

He's about a year old and will eventually be rather large. Right now he is just very long. When adopted he only weighed 9 pounds, but that's because he was extremely skinny - possibly due to the aforementioned hoarder, but I think mostly because he's still an adolescent (his development seems fine). We've been letting him eat as much as he wants.

As it happened, his name was Toby. Seeing this Kristine decided that Original Toby would be Mimzy after all, and New Toby would stay Toby. This appears to be final.

Toby took much less time to settle in than Mimzy did - possibly 30 minutes. When we let him out he explored the house and then settled in for a nap on our bed, and has pretty much gone on like that. Tasha was underwhelmed by him but appears to have gotten used to him. Mimzy and he have become good buddies, which is good since that was more or less the plan.

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